The workshop is scheduled for an entire day, with ample time for coffee and food, and will take place in Genk on August 21, 2018.

The workshop is structured as a series of interactive activities and feedback sessions that will expose participants to a variety of tools and techniques that can be used to build critical data literacy with communities. They will work within small groups (4-5 each) to work through activities and deliberate on ideas. Participants will also have the opportunity to share their own perspective, issues and questions that have guided their research and practice.

The proposed full-day schedule is as follows

9:00 Intros, background agenda setting
9:30 Example Activity #1: Data Sculpture
9:45 Example Activity #2: Asking good questions with data
10:05 Example Activity #3: Sketch a story with Word Counter
10:30 Break to digest activities and reflect on goals
11:00 Participants present their own research (5-10 mins each depending on how many we have)
12:30 Wrap up for lunch break
13:30 Example Activity #4: Try to convince me activity
14:15 Discussion: Data literacy as an aspect of the community
15:00 Break for coffee
15:30 Kickoff small group brainstorming to come up with new tools, methods or techniques within this pedagogical realm (based on themes we identify in the questions they submit beforehand)
16:15 Each small group shares back their ideas
17:00 Wrap up for the day